About Me

Math & Art- the perfect pair


I have a mathematics degree, taught middle school math for four years, and now have an art company. Many people think math and art are opposites, but they work so perfectly together! I love that I get to combine my love of math and art in almost every project I do. 

Chelsea Hoffman

Chelsea Hoffman Painter

I can paint your imagination to life! Whatever you have in mind, I'm confident that I can transform your space and give you what you're looking for. Even if you don't have an exact idea, I can help polish and design something you'll enjoy for many years. 

My Family


The entire reason Easely Inspired exists, besides the fact that I have the most supportive and loving husband in the world, is because I wanted more time to spend with my boys. I started this so we could be together more. They even come with me to certain jobs, and it is the greatest thing ever.